Sayoko Hayashi  textile artist from Kyoto

I would like to invite you into the captivating world of textile artist Sayoko Hayashi . She is Japanese textile artist from Kyoto whose craft transforms vintage kimonos into exquisite quilts. She takes quite a few steps to breathe new life into old fabric.

Her artistic process begins with a quest for the perfect materials. She scours for vintage kimonos and carefully selects each piece for the stories woven into the fabric. These treasures are carefully washed, ironed, and prepared for their next chapter in the hands of the master.

As the fabrics come to life, Sayoko-san meticulously outlines her envisioned landscapes on the paper, each mosaic piece chosen for its unique color palette. When the blueprint is ready she delicately sew by hand every little swatch together with a fine, thin thread. The seams become nearly invisible as a testament to the artist’s skill.

When the main composition takes shape, she engages into intricate embroidery for every detail. It is fascinating to see how much of patience, skill and a deep connection to the history of the old Kyoto she puts in her beautiful panels. Each quilted piece tells a story of her beloved city.

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  • William Carroll

    Outstanding work!!!!

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