La Neige and it’s owner

The heart of La Neige gallery is the visionary Mrs. Yomo. She is not only its founder but a remarkable organizer and a delightful communicator. Her talent is not only in establishing connections but bringing together musicians and artists from the corners of the globe.

Each visitor stepping into this space is treated to a number of events that unfold several times a year. The atmosphere of the room feels up with aroma of freshly brewed green tea paired with delicious sweets, creating the perfect backdrop for engaging conversations.

The gallery hosts a variety of workshops, offering visitors the opportunity to acquire new skills and friendships. It’s this sense of camaraderie that inspired the title of our exhibition – ‘Reaching Hands.’ Through collaborations with ceramic artist, I’ve had the privilege of meeting of fascinating individuals, from musicians and artists to restaurant owners, people from shrines, politicians, and other captivating personalities.

 Many visitors in a gesture of appreciation surprised us with performances at the culmination of the show. La Neige isn’t just a gallery; it’s a tapestry of connections, experiences that extends far beyond the walls of its exhibitions.

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