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Request your handwoven tapestry workshop

December 2, 2023

Join us for the workshop in December 17, 2023 in KYOTO, JAPAN of creating handwoven tapestries! Start small by mastering the art of crafting mini handwoven pieces. These intricately woven tapestry can be transformed into versatile accessories, such as pendants, miniature artworks displayed in handmade wooden frames, or charming ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree. […]

Knitting with Ceramic Tiles

December 1, 2023

The whole collection of knitwear and accessories will be posted at the end of my exhibition in Kyoto, Japan in January 1, 2024. This one of a kind line of accessories represents a harmonious collaboration with a talented Japanese ceramic artist. The collection features simple shapes of knitted purses and bracelets adorned with delicate ceramic […]

Posters for Exhibition “Reaching Hands”

November 23, 2023

“These posters represent a collaborative effort between myself and my talented classmate and friend, the graphic designer Rashid Akmanov. As we anticipate the upcoming exhibition, I am thrilled to showcase a sneak peek into our graphic work and my knitwear collection. Join us in Kyoto from December 15-25 to witness the culmination of our artistic […]

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