Workshops at La Neige

During the exhibition, our time was enriched with engaging workshops. Those who wanted to explore the art of handwoven tapestry and knitted bracelets with ceramic tiles reserved their spot. The beautiful and colorful tiles were generously provided by Akiko-San, the mastermind behind breathtaking ceramic sculptures.

As I’ve mentioned previously, La Neige stands as the hub for connection, collaboration, and continuous learning. The two-hour workshops not only allowed participants to complete their projects but also fostered an environment where no one was in a hurry to exit the room. The air buzzed with excitement as everyone enjoyed in creative process, sharing stories over cups of tea.

I discovered that the bonds formed during these workshops went beyond the artistic realm. Some of the attendees evolved into close-knit friends, working on new projects together. La Neige, truly a haven for exploration, proved to be more than just a space to learn—it became a center for lasting connections and shared creative endeavors


  • galina

    Sorry, it’s a bit faraway from your house, Peter.

  • Peter Novick

    missed the chance to be your student

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