Hand knitted bag with ceramic


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Our hand-knitted charming bag crafted from a chunky blend of acrylic and wool yarn. This bag is not just a fashion statement; it’s a functional piece of art. The interior is fully lined for durability, ensuring that it withstands the test of time.

Drawing inspiration from both whimsy and practicality, the bag features a pull cord closure adorned with  pom-poms, adding a touch of playfulness to its overall design. Further enhancing its individuality, ceramic tiles serve as fun and eye-catching decorations.

Versatility meets style as this bag transforms into a crossbody messenger bag, providing both convenience and a fashion-forward statement. We offer two carefully curated colors and slightly different styles, you have the freedom to choose the one that resonates with your personal taste.

A perfect gift for those who have an appreciation for fiber artwork, it seamlessly combines form and function, making it a cherished addition to any collection. 



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